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Club Meeting on 9th January 2013

Chairman Henry Rowntree welcomed members to the first meeting of 2013 and wished them all a Happy New Year. He then introduced this month’s speaker, Matthew Smith, who gave a talk entitled ‘Summer-Flowering Bulbs’.
He first spoke about his career, which started with his mother thrusting a spade into his hand at the age of three! After training at Horticultural College he worked in a wholesale Nursery before buying a wholesale bulb company which proved to be a very steep learning curve. Three years ago he started selling bulbs on-line via his website
Although bulbs may be classed into spring and summer types, these two may blend into one another depending on the location and weather. He illustrated this point with a slide of daffodils and tulips in flower together at the end of May - in Iceland!
In addition to bulbs there are other types of underground storage organs such as tubers corms and rhizomes. He passed examples round; the bulbs had been cut through so that members could see the internal structure. He also showed many slides to illustrate the different types, including the bulbs - Lilium, Eucomis (pineapple plant), Nerines and Galtonia; tubers – Begonias, Dahlias and Oxalis; corms – Crocosmia, Gladiolus and Liatris; rhizomes – Anemone, Bearded Iris and Zantedeschia. He specialises in the latter and has won many prizes for them at shows. During the talk he gave advice on growing these varied species and encouraged members to ask questions as he went along.
The vote of thanks was given by Mrs Maxine Lord.
The next meeting will be on Wednesday 13th February, when‘
Plants for Cold Places’.

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